The Prometheus Academy Of Leadership and Business Acceleration

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This is a year long program taught by our Master coaches and James himself.

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This is a year long program taught by our Master coaches and James himself.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Weekly live online classes
  • Monthly live online Q&A with James
  • Membership portal to access library of bonus content
  • Private online community page
  • 2 Live events in Las Vegas

We’re only committed to work with individuals who are committed to working and playing at world-class levels. For more details go here

4 reviews for The Prometheus Academy Of Leadership and Business Acceleration

  1. Cottonwood Stone

    As the very first individual to be selected for the Prometheus Academy, I can say it was a great investment! I greatly respect James, and he gave me the tools and wisdom for leadership I can forever use in my life and in my business. Make no mistake, this program is hard work! Dive in, and give it your all!

  2. David E Kucinsky

    I have been in the Prometheus Academy since the program started. I can say, without a doubt, that it’s been the most difficult and rewarding work I’ve ever done. I’ve learned more about myself, my purpose and the value I bring to this world than I knew was possible. It has been an honor and a privilege to train under James and HWG, and I look forward to introducing others to the work!

  3. Susan Norkett-Guljas

    Prometheus has taught me that the purpose of life is to be fulfilled; which is real success. I have been doing things that have worked towards my purpose all through my life and did not know it. I have gained more specifics to my particular purpose in life. Those once thoughts of horrible situations that I have experienced in my life, I know I needed to experience in order to become more of who I really am. I realize that I have been trained to be something I am not.

    I always believed everyone wants to be happy; my understanding of how this could be true and why was not part of my understanding and thought process. I am happy to know the specifics behind this statement today.

    I am able to back out of any situations fast so that my thought process does not get too much power to cause problems. I would allow things to get out of hand and too hard to deal with because of my ignorance of what was really going on. Now I can change my process of thought prior to experiencing that pain to more powerful thoughts.

    I look forward to helping HWG help others do the same thing.

  4. Céline Chrétien

    Having a genuine and true leader like James as a mentor is a gift. Being part of the Prometheus Academy (PA) is an honor. A real commitment to your soul, to yourself, to your business. James will tell you “The journey to greatness is the hardest thing you will ever do.” True. It is also the most rewarding. I fell on my face more than once during the year and every time was worth it. The breakthroughs outweigh by far the breakdowns. Before Prometheus I knew my purpose; while growing each month in PA, my soul calling revealed itself with such clarity that I am forever grateful for the investment. Learning in your growth and education is indeed the best investment you can make in yourself. Now let’s hunt some successes!

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