The Leadership for the Future Experience


August 27th-29th 2021
9:00AM – 5:00PM

When you attend, you will:

  • Be able to build a business that not only hits your financial goals, but that also fulfills you on a soul level because success without fulfillment is not success.
  • Get solutions to your most pressing business challenges so you can go back and implement them right away.Will you be ready
  • Release crutch behaviors that you constantly fall back on that keep you stuck in the same patterns that don’t support your goals.
  • Break the thinking that keeps you working a job you don’t love so you can build and run a business that fills you up on the inside.
  • Develop the habits, beliefs, and actions that shift you into living like the elite leaders and performers that keep you inspired to be a better you and level up your game, every single day.
  • Change your entire life from the bottom up because becoming your best means releasing all that has stopped you until now.

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Take a look at this tiny taste of what you’ll take part in during this 3-day, life-changing experience. You will:

  • Mastermind with leaders from around the globe regarding how they lead both their life and their businesses (because true leaders know you can’t build a business, while ignoring your life).
  • Discover and learn to apply the insights that helped me build an Inc. 500 team (and one of the fastest growing most successful privately held businesses in the nation, if not the world), so you can do it, too.
  • Experience insider health and energy hacks that are little known outside of extreme athletics to guarantee you instantly 10X your energy allowing you to easily get it all done, every day, without feeling sapped of your greatest resource.
  • Participate in business hot seats that give you solutions to your business struggles so that when you return, you have actionable items that will actually FIX what’s not working in your business.
  • Discuss and clearly define the strategic blueprint for your life and business and how you can implement it immediately.
  • Experience personal breakthrough sessions, one-on-one with me, in which I’ll utilize Emotional Stress Hacking® tools and techniques that my executive coaching clients invest $120K or more per year for me to work them through.
  • Plug into an ongoing growth-minded community for networking, masterminding, referrals and cross-pollination of ideas that boosts you along your projected timeline for reaching your business and life goals.
  • The experience you will walk into is one you’ve never experienced before. And you’ll walk out having had a taste of what it’s like to live and run an 8-figure life and business.

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