The Science of Success


“This book has opened up doors in my life. I have read it 4 times now and always get something new from it. The principles in this book are totally life changing. James Ray has written a masterpiece.”

— Reader from Dubuque, IA

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Using the Seven Laws of the universe and the Seven Power Principles that align your life with those laws, James takes complex, time-proven concepts and combines them with fun stories and powerful anecdotes — presenting you with a proven path to your ultimate achievement.

“It has changed my life. I have read self-help books for over 40 years. This one has done more for me than all the others put together. James has written it in a clear, concise, logical manner. His understanding and grasp of the success fundamentals gives you the ability to see and believe it will work for you.”

— John Farmer

In The Science of Success you’ll learn your ability to achieve unlimited success by following a series of tested and proven actions. This book will give you the principles you need to understand why success can be achieved by any person, in any situation, under any circumstance. 

Ultimate wealth and achievement is not just for a select few, but for everyone who’s open and willing to believe and apply universal laws… and to learn the fundamental truths that all great teachings have shown throughout the ages.

“James Ray writes so beautifully. I’m SO glad I’m taking the opportunity to discover why I would bother to spring into action and the most efficient ways to spring into action. James, thanks for your book.”

— Dana Art

If you’ve been looking for the book that will provide you with a practical, powerful plan for accelerating your personal and professional growth and fulfillment, look no further than The Science of Success.