Practical Spirituality


Practical Spirituality shows you how to use your spiritual power in the quest for tangible results. James Arthur Ray combines the potent ingredients of material goals and mysticism, demonstrating how you need both to get the most out of life. Practical Spirituality makes applying ancient wisdom and the latest discoveries about how our world works–in the realm of physics and beyond–something you can do today.

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By reading this book, you will get:

  • Actionable,clear, principles to achieve tangible success without sacrificing spirituality, and vice versa;
  • Straight talk to put you on the true path of power so you can avoid the mistakes most people make;
  • Ways to break out of the mass hypnosis of our time and become completely free from cultural conditioning.

This is a must-read and must-do for anyone who is truly committed to becoming his or her own person in a world where most people just follow along. It’s time to wake up with Practical Spirituality!

Known as a “practical mystic,” James Arthur Ray grew up the son of a minister, immersed in traditional Christian religion. He later expanded his studies to include a multitude of other spiritual traditions and has been initiated into three shamanic orders from the Incan culture and the supernatural Huna tradition of ancient Hawaii. James is one of the few spiritual teachers who has achieved top honors in the corporate world and has succeeded as an entrepreneur. His background in behavioral sciences and entrepreneurship, along with his spiritual quest, give him an unique and powerful ability to address life issues from an integrated and comprehensive level.