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1 review for One-on-One Coaching with James

  1. Susan

    I had been married 18 years and my husband were barely talking to each we were just living. We just did our own stuff and we were not happy. I did not know how to fix it, we had tried marriage counseling, many home video courses, read many books together but nothing worked. We even joined a club that traveled the world and had great events and inspirational speakers. Then I met James Arthur Ray; hearing him speak at a conference I knew he could relate somehow and that is exactly what happened. I trusted him, however I have to put my ego into the backseat instead of the driver’s seat; where it had been. I did the work James asked me to do; whether I liked it or not, because really it is hard work. Today after going through James’s one on one coaching I am a totally different person, glad to be married to this beautiful man I married 26 years ago coming up this November. The way I see myself is different, how I connect and act with others, the emotions I feel when I am with the ones I love is totally different. Do yourself a favour go through this program or his other programs. You will be glad and amazed at who you become. More importantly I know this transformation is possible for others who go through James’s programs. Thanks for all you do James your friend!

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