Live Wired and Inspired


Welcome to Live, Wired and Inspired! 6 digital CD set

What you’re about to listen to is a collection of some of my favorite moments recorded over the years at many of my Journey of Power events.  Every great tradition has its rituals, and if you’ve been to any of my events you know that one of our rituals is the time I call Open Frame.  This is a special time when I give you the opportunity to ask me questions about anything and everything you want.  Because I would love nothing more than to be able to support you, help you and assist you to clarify things in your life, I welcome your questions on any topic you choose.  Together you and I work through any issues that you’d like my help with.

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Many people who have participated in these Open Frame sessions tell me that these moments were actually huge turning points in their lives…by asking me what seemed like a simple question, the floodgates opened to deeper issues that they weren’t even aware existed.  With my help, they instantly became free of some major unconscious issues for good.

Open Frame is a really wonderful time because while one person’s questions may be very specific to their own experiences, in many cases they also apply to so many other people in one way or another.  The simple act of opening up their hearts and sharing, these students were able to not only get their own questions answered, but also help thousands of others, maybe even you, in the process.

Well, here is your chance to hear some of my favorite conversations that I’ve had with my students.  A full range of topics are covered here during these in depth discussions.  My wish in creating this audio is that you may find some of these dialogues helpful and insightful for your own life, and perhaps find answers to questions that you’ve always wondered about.

Remember, the best way to fully benefit is to join me at one of my live events.  There simply isn’t a better way to connect with me and get your own questions answered.  Would you like to have me personally coach you and guide you towards living the life you’ve always wanted?  If so, you’ve just got to join me.

In the meantime, sit back, relax, and enjoy listening to these powerful discussions.  I’m looking forward to seeing you very soon and getting to discuss  your most pressing questions as well.