Intensive Healing & Integration Session With Bersabeh


After purchase our team will contact you via email to schedule your session. All sessions are via Zoom with video.


All great businesspeople, entrepreneurs, as well as relationships use intuition. Intuition taps into something well beyond mere logic. 

Top entrepreneurs constantly report they make decisions on intuition or “gut feelings” versus logic.

Bersabeh has been extremely gifted since very early in life with an intuitive ability that goes far beyond her own logic; and she is very practical.

In these 55-minute consultations Bersabeh utilizes her skill to tap into what Carl Jung calls the “Collective Consciousness” and uncovers blocks, hinderances and early life trauma in your life. She uncovers what’s keeping you stuck and holding you back, even when you are completely unaware of what it is.

She then masterfully utilizes her unique ability to help you heal and integrate these issues and literally set yourself free.

James and Bersabeh together have worked with over a million people from 146 countries globally; and they consistently find that a lack of integration is the greatest cause of both limited performance and limited fulfillment.

Once healing and integration occurs, utilizing her extensive gifts, experience, and background Bersabeh helps you decide how to make practical decisions, take action, and achieve all you desire and deserve.

These intensive sessions guarantee to improve your overall life, your relationships, and your business in ways you can never imagine.

Schedule a consultation with Bersabeh and free yourself from your blind spots, old feelings, and deeply rooted programming that keep you tired, confused, procrastinating, and stuck.

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