Harmonic Wealth Home Study Course


Harmonic Wealth provides a fresh approach to obtaining your true desires and will open you up to a whole new way of living through a blend of cutting-edge scientific findings and timeless spiritual truths.

Here’s a fraction of what you’ll learn:

  • New internal programming and behavior patterns that will send you soaring to new heights of success…
  • The unconscious limitations that have held you back from your unlimited potential and how to get rid of them for good…
  • How to develop new habits of thought and action that guarantee your on-going ability to succeed in whatever you choose to accomplish…
  • The secret to exponentially increasing your own energy level…

…and that’s just the start of it. Are you ready to be truly wealthy? Let James be your guide on the path of Harmonic Wealth, wealth and fulfillment in the totality of life…

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A lot of so-called success experts tell you that you need balance in your life. That’s a bunch of bunk! Look at a scale in perfect balance: nothing is happening… it’s stagnant… there’s no movement… there’s no progress… in fact, there’s no life at all.

The real key to creating the life of your dreams is achieving true Harmonic Wealth®. That’s where you find contentment and a deep connection to the world around you and your place in it. There are five important kinds of wealth, but none of them (even financial riches) alone can bring you true success or happiness. Here they are:

Financial Wealth It’s the money in your bank account… the wad of bills in your pocket… your stock portfolio… real estate holdings… or maybe even just the paycheck you’ll pick up next Friday.

Physical Wealth This is the health and fitness of your body. What good is financial wealth if you can’t get around to enjoy it? I’ve known many wealthy people who would gladly give up all their financial riches to be able to get back their health or a reason able level of fitness.

Relational Wealth This is the state of your personal relationships (including that with yourself). We’re social beings, and we’re always healthier and happier when we have rewarding relationships with others combined with a good level of self esteem.

Mental Wealth This is your wealth of knowledge and emotions. It’s the combination of facts, skills, talents, and life experiences you’ve built up and developed over the years.

Spiritual Wealth This is that hard-to-define, yet unmistakable-when-you-have-it kind of wealth. It’s your connection to the rest of the universe and the way you tap into its power. It’s the inner energy we all have. It’s a major component of contentment and peace-of-mind. When all five of these areas are harmonized, you achieve Harmonic Wealth.

Bonus: Workbooks to follow along