Dreamtime Chant


Dreamtime Chant is an amazing tool to experience higher, expanded and heightened states of awareness, perceptual shifts, and positive changes in the fabric of the reality you project and experience.

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Just suppose you could easily experience an ancient tool that guarantees to immediately attract more harmony, well-being and guidance into your life…

Well now you can.

Modern science now proves that everything in the universe is energy; and each physical thing has its own unique vibration. Properly understood, true prayer is not just a set of repeated words or requests… rather an energy vibration you produce in and from your body.

Ancient languages like Latin, Hebrew, Hawaiian and others have a vibration quality that modern languages do not have. For example, any Catholic will tell you the feeling of mass is different if it’s in Latin versus English. Obviously Latin is an ancient language with a vibration quality that English does not have.

In Dreamtime Chant you’ll experience the vibration quality of an ancient Hawaiian chant designed to awaken your Higher Self as well as bring an influx of healing energy to your consciousness.  Many ancient traditions teach that all states are dream states whether waking or sleeping.  Likewise modern research now postulates that our universe is a holographic dream projection we’re all collectively experiencing. Change your dream… and you’ll change your life.