Collapse the World: Techniques for Shaping a New Reality


Scientific breakthrough increases  fulfillment in life, eliminates stress, and dramatically boosts longevity…

In this 6 track audio program some of the profound tools you’ll experience are:

  • How to move and operate beyond your physical body to literally increase the energy and authority you possess…
  • How to utilize the four elemental building blocks of your world that allow you to create anything you desire…
  • How to use the all-important “5th element” in your life—the element of spiritual power…
  • How to connect with your “Higher Council”… that transcendent part of you that has all answers to all questions at all times…
  • Utilizing a process that’s called “etheric imprinting” to profoundly accelerate the results you produce in every area of your life…

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“You hold the world together with your attention…..

When you shift your attention – the world collapses.”

Since birth you have been trained to see, hear, and feel your world in alignment with the masses. While this may serve you in some instances, in many other ways it limits your power and ability.

Regardless of whether you are aware of it or not, it takes a tremendous amount of energy for to hold your current world model together. But there are an unlimited number of other worlds and universes to be accessed and explored. Cultivating this adventure is what the ancient spiritual traditions would call stepping into the “second attention”.

Science tells us that we are bombarded with over 2 million bits of sensory data per second. However, we are only capable of noticing less than 10 of those inputs at any given moment.

As you think about it – what are you missing? Is the world you call “real” truly all there is?

You are not a physical being – you are a spiritual being – an infinite field of energy and possibility. All great traditions have taught that you are created in the image and likeness of the Creative Source; and that you have unique God-like capabilities. Likewise even prior to ancient Greece and Egypt it has long been known that you are here for a unique and powerful purpose.

Unlike a typical “mediation program”… in Collapse The World you will not only learn what it is like to amplify the power that lies beyond your physical self…you will experience it!