21 Days to a New Life Mentoring Daily Audio Sessions


Here’s how this program works (and what you’ll get):

  • 21 Downloadable Audio coaching sessions. 20 Minutes each. First thing in the morning with James on your phone or computer. (the way you start your day says a lot about how you’ll follow through and finish)
  • 22 Downloadable PDF worksheets to ensure you put what you learn each day into ACTION (the 22nd download is a BIG surprise for you)
  • Life time access so you can go through the program over and over again with a new goal to achieve each time (Ultimate Performers always do this. Repetition is the second Law of learning and transformation—why stop once you’re on a roll?)

Consultations with James live are $10,000 (and well worth it). 

21 Days is a super cost-effective way to have James in your corner for nearly a month. 

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What could you accomplish with an Inc. 500 Inductee (fastest growing most successful privately held company in America 2009), and a $10-Million-Dollar annual earner in your corner every single day for nearly an entire month?

What could you learn?

How could you expand your thinking, your feelings, and your BIG BOLD action?

Are you ready to find out?

James has invested his entire life helping Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders develop the mental toughness and emotional strength they need to become unstoppable in both life and business.

How much more productive and fulfilled can you be in life right now? (be honest)

Would you like some help from someone who’s been where you are and has done what you aspire to do?

With James virtually coaching you over the next 21 Days you’ll create four things:

  1. New habits; 
  2. New actions; 
  3. New ways of thinking and; 
  4. New results!

If you want to change your life and business, you must change your habits!

The good news!

Success leaves tracks. 

Do what the successful do; and you’ll get the results they get. Plain and simple.

Let’s get you where you need to be: financially, relationally, mentally, physically and spiritually.